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Meet the Beer Team


In 2022, Blue & Gold Brewing Co. was born with the purpose of crafting beer products that would embody and celebrate college nostalgia. This translated into creating a student-run business venture dedicated to producing exceptional products that celebrate Marquette's tradition and lively base of students and supporters, past, present, and future. During National Marquette Day 2023, the first Blue & Gold Brewing Beer Team collaborated with five Marquette alumni to brew something Authentically Milwaukee and Uniquely Marquette - the ’77 Golden Ale. We invite you to follow us as the second Beer Team cohort continues the legacy and crafts new unique beer products. Stay tuned for new cheers!

Our Team.

Blue & Gold Brewing's Beer Team is composed of five undergraduate students from Marquette University who love brewing up a good time: D'Angelo, Lisa, Owen, Stella and Sarah. With a shared passion for all things beer, we're crafting beer that goes beyond just satisfying your thirst. Whether you're into hoppy tales, malty memories, or a bit of both, we've got something brewing for you. It's not just about the beer; it's about sharing those Marquette moments in every sip. Join us, crack open a cold one, and let's make some memories. Cheers and connect with us!

Our Mentors. 

Meet the brewers behind our beer team! They guide us, inspire us and well... They teach us how to brew a good time! Raise a toast to Dan Katt, JP Graber, Joe Yeado, Kevin Brauer, Richard Leinenkugel, and Tim Pauly. Get to know our beer experts below, cheers!

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